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AKS Fitness Equipment WordPress Website Ecommerce Design

We developed and designed AKS Fitness Equipment eCommerce website with a focus on a user friendly design, ease of navigation  and Australian targeted Organic SEO campaign.


To allow visitors to browse through the site easily and efficiently to find what they are looking for and to checkout quickly and efficiently.


We decided to focus on user friendly design coupled with interesting information for new visitors and to capture those visitors into subscribers and convert them into customers with a offer. Our first goal was to gain traffic, therefore a organic SEO & Adword campaign was designed for that simple reason driving customers and creating conversions.


Our analytics resulted in some great results, in traffic to the site was steadily increasing and customers were landing on the page however our analytics conveyed visitors were not converting. Therefore we decided to create a offer and boom, our conversion rate sky rocketed. Consistent analytics plays a key role in understanding our visitors and converting them to customers.

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