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A passion for healthy organic food and lifestyle and a good relationship with a dropshipper distributor, AKS Digital decided to build its own eCommerce website.


Provide an informed organic health food consumer, an easy to search, avoid slow page speed loading, user-friendly interface, and design. Organic Produce. Automated as possible


From a digital marketing design perspective. A WordPress Theme with Woocommerce bringing the e-commerce functionality to the site.  We essentially wanted to remove the biggest pain during the sales funnel and that was searching the right product simple and effective. We created an easy navigation by creating our products into major categories and then into subcategories, finally filtering them by brand and price. Thus creating effective efficient sales funnel for high conversions. To further our conversion optimisation we decided to design a simple popup 10% off coupon was created to provide an incentive for visitors to purchase straight away furthering increase conversions and building an email subscriber list for repeat business. Product pages were drafted to provide enough information for the informed consumer to purchase share or save as a wishlist. Our targeted SEO was designed towards consumers that exactly know what they want, therefore when googling a specific product we would come up on the 1st page of google. We geared much of the after sales process as automated as possible a few clicks and the order was ready to be shipped.


We achieved a great design with all the facets of a great E-Commerce store with an impressive 15% conversion rate and the after-sales automation was efficient. Organic search results for specific products were being indexed on page one for most of our products within the first 6 months achieving great results.

15% CRO

27% ROI

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