Setting Website Smart Goals

Setting Website Smart Goals

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Setting Website Smart Goals: Setting Yourself Up to Great Success

Whether you’ve realised it or not, when deciding to do something, people set goals automatically. Goals can be set for smallest to largest of tasks. For instance, something as simple as deciding as putting your shoes or flip-flops on, or go to a bread shop to buy a loaf bread or something you’re setting yourself a goal. However, if you’re not used to setting goals consciously, a good way to begin is to use the SMART system. By setting SMART goals, you’ll be able to better understand what you really want in order to get out of the activity as well as the ways to plan a project or job, in order for you to make the best use of your time.

What Are Goals?

Goals are the desired aims, objective, results, or targets that you’re seeking to achieve. It’s very important to be clear first on what you’re trying to accomplish. One simple question you have to ask yourself in these kinds of situations is what you really want. Be specific and clear in answering what it is you are aspiring to acquire or achieve.

Importance of Setting SMART Goals

Setting up SMART goals is really important. Not sitting down with yourself and completely identifying what it is that you really want out of your life and the type of lifestyle you desire to have is totally suicidal. It’s like giving yourself away to someone else, who probably doesn’t have huge plan for you in a way you think it would be.
If you don’t set goals actively and review them carefully, then you’re not giving your life any real meaning or purpose. Without a meaning, it’s really head to inspire yourself to do anything that could end you up becoming an inheritor of unfulfillment.
So whether or not you’re looking to achieve a desired outcome or result in your relationship, finances, personal growth, health, career, etc. it’s highly recommended for you to start setting SMART goals.

SMART stands for:


For a goal to become effect, it should be specific. You have to exactly detail what you desire to achieve. It is no use by only stating “I wish be better”, as it doesn’t specify what you really want to be better at, how you’ll measure whether or not you’re already better, and how long you’re expecting it to happen. On the other hand, specifying that you goal is to become a millionaire at the age of 50, it describes what you really want to achieve, when you wish to achieve it, and provides you a clear result to aim for.


Being capable of measuring your progress is important in reaching goals. How else can you possible know where your progress is taking you, how far you need to go, and when you have reached it? Considering the example above, you’ll be able to understand that there are several areas that needs to be measured:

  • Your present age
  • How long you still have until reaching the age of 50
  • Where are your finances right now
  • How far you need to go before reaching the millionaire status

As your working your way through your plans, you’ll be able to assess whether the actions that you have taken are positive steps towards achieve your goal and how far you still need to go.


By saying you want to be a millionaire at the age of 50 is a specific and measureable goal, but is it achievable? If you’re only 20 years old, it is very achievable with planning and hard work. However, if you’re only a week before your 50th birthday, you probably need a great miracle to happen in order to reach your goal.


This is linked to the likelihood of your goal being really achievable and the time for reality check. What you should have is to identify if your goal is really possible to achieve. For example, you’re 80 years of age already and you wish to fly into the space. In reality, you need to have millions of dollars in order to buy a ticket and book a seat on a flight into the outer space. However, even if you have the money, would it actually be realistic for an 80 year old to pass the rigorous physical training required in order to travel into the space? The answer is, of course, not which makes this kind of goal unrealistic.


The deadlines are really important. You have to set deadline for each and every goal that you desire to accomplish. Deadlines provide you specific dates to work towards. So if you plan to be a millionaire by 50 years old, and you’re only 20 years old at present, you know how long you still have in order to achieve this goal and you can still plan effectively in accomplishing your goal. If you won’t be setting up deadline, you will be victimized of procrastination and end up doing nothing at all.

How to Set Website SMART Goals

To show you how to set website SMART goals, let’s use a new online business product page.
A product page enables the shoppers to gain more information about the product for sale and easily add it to their cart. Typically it would include photos of the product, its prices, a great description and the “Add to Cart” button. Therefore, to set up a SMART website, here are the following considerations:

  • The main goal of your customers is to quickly learn all about the product’s features, design, and specifications and determine whether it suits their needs, preferences and budget.
  • Their second goal is to buy that product.
  • Your main goal as the business owner is to encourage the customers to buy the product to increase your sales by 10 percent for the next month.
  • Your secondary goal is to encourage your customers to follow your business on social media or sign up to newsletter to increase their brand awareness by 30 percent for the next month.

Goals have its ultimate purpose, which is to act as a motivation. When they’re planned and thought our properly, they can provide you realistic points to target. And when you achieve your goals, you sense of satisfaction will be incomparable. So you have to think, plan, and completely set yourself in SMART goals in order to become successful.
If you would like some assistance in developing a Website Design strategy for your business please contact us for a free consultation so we can tailor the right strategy for your business.

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