6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Email List

six proven ways to increase your email list

Last Updated on 31/01/2022 by Arnie

E-mail marketing is not dead. The procedure in attracting potential customer through e-mail messages may have changed, but it is still very much alive. Right now, email marketing has the most elevated ROI in terms of digital marketing, particularly when you utilise it in conjunction with other platforms such as your social media channel. But how will you be able to take advantage of this marketing and generate a healthy and valid lead list? Here’s how:

6 Proven Ways Increase Email Subscribers:

Place Your Opt-in Invitation in a Visible Location

When determining the proper location for your newsletter invitation, you will need to use a heat map in order to determine the place in your page with a high amount of activity. The numbers of your followers, readers are a valuable part of your marketing campaign, but none are as important as your email marketing leads. Place your newsletter form in a more prominent location in your webpage.

Make Sure They Will Not Miss it

On the off chance that your webpage is too crowded and adding another section on your site will just make it look worse, you may use popup or popover when promoting your opt-in form. Be careful in using popup since the greater percentage of the online community despised them. Make sure to program the popup that it will show in a place that will not serve as a distraction. It is highly recommended to use a light box when promoting your email list.

Offer Something Valuable

You need to make your audience feel that they are at a disadvantage in the event that they ignore your opt-in form. The value that you are offering to them should instantly hit them in the head and will instantly make them realise that something is in store for them when they join your email list. You can provide them free download of your eBook, update about sales, exclusive offers, and others.

Conduct a Contest

People love participating in a contest, where they can win something. There are different types of contest but the primary goal is to gather e-mail address of your possible customers. This is also an example of offering something important for your readers in exchange for their email address. This is a great way to increase email list.

Your Newsletter Should Be Niche Specific

Your Newsletter is the driving force of your email list. If you send a non-informative newsletter, expect that there will be a lot of opt-out that will affect the quality of your email marketing list. There will always be opt out, but you can mitigate them by providing niche-specific newsletter. It is like using particular bait that will catch your desired fish.


This is the most essential part of your Email marketing Campaign and List building. The analytical interface will tell you things that are crucial for increasing email list such as opt-out, spam complaint, forward, share, open, delivery and other important stuff. It will tell you which topic has the highest opening rate which you can use to increase email list.
These are just 6 important tips to increase your email list. Make sure that you will get e-mail confirmation to improve the health of your lead list.
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