Social Media Marketing Tools To Help You Manage Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing tools

Last Updated on 31/01/2022 by Arnie

Social Media Marketing Tools To Help Manage Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is huge today and the most viable way to gain traffic to your business website. Understanding how to successfully market your business, products and services will help you gain a foothold in today’s huge internet based business platform.
There are a few social media marketing tools that can be used to make your business stand out from the crowd. Knowing when and how to use them could be challenging and difficult to master, but if you can automate your efforts, it will help you along the way.
When you are diving into online marketing and not sure how to make a dent in the vast pool of social media content and develop a sound online marketing strategy, you are not alone. A few automated social media marketing tools are at your disposal, so use them. Make sure you are sharing content that is meaningful to your viewers and serves a means of solving their problems.

Buffer Social Media Marketing Tools

Buffer is a great way to schedule all of your social media marketing and is simple to use. You can link all of your social media channels and pick the schedule you want in a short amount of time. You can schedule all your social media accounts to post automatically.
Simply put, Buffer allows you to link Facebook, Google+ and any other social media channel you choose to market your business on, and it will post to each according to your set schedule. You set up a queue of posts, put in a schedule of what days and times you want to post, and sit back and reap the rewards.

Content Studio

With so many features packed into one tool, ContentStudio is all you need to efficiently manage social media channels . Any small business can extract real value from discovering, publishing, automating and analysing social media content. No matter how small a business or unique a niche, ContentStudio’s discovery module will find trending content. Use this content to educate your audience about your business. See the engagement statistics and influencers who have shared the same content for authenticity.

Small business owners usually have a lot on their plate which is exactly the reason why ContentStudio allows you to curate content. Discover content gems in your industry and share it with others to gain much-needed traction with minimal input.

ContentStudio covers the entire publishing process from drafts, scheduling, posting queueing to all social media channels from one window. The goal is to save you precious time which can be utilised otherwise.

Boost your online sales by publishing engaging content on your business’s blog channel. ContentStudio offer WordPress and Medium integration for instant and effective content distribution. You can also use the automation module to create campaigns which automatically publish content from your favorite sources.

With ContenStudio you get to automate social media management. Create targeted queries around your money keywords or choose your favorite content sources to periodically publish content to all your social media channels. Choose from a set of seven automation recipes including RSS feeds, bulk scheduling, and Evergreen automation campaigns.

Use the interactive content calendar to consistently publish and grow your audience. Use simple drag and drop operation to organize your blog and social media.

Imprint your brand’s image in your audience’s mind by using branded short links when posting content. ContentStudio’s integration with the world’s leading custom URL shorteners enables you to create smart and easy to remember links from the tool itself. You can also create CTA campaigns to display a nifty yet effective message when people engage with your posts.

We let business owners get a real sense of what reward their online marketing efforts are reaping by providing true analytics from social media channels. This helps you make informed decisions on how to finetune your social media strategy to extract the maximum output.

Canva is a Visual Lead Generator

Social media today has become one of a visual market place with the likes of Instagram, Facebook. Do not leave out the visual aspect of your social media marketing tools set. By posting engaging photos, you will gain a ton of interest into your brand.
If you need a great picture to drive your social media marketing campaign, using Canva is an easy and quick way to generate great visual content to drive your target audience to your business website.

Using certain social media marketing tools to help you be successful in your online marketing ventures will help you drive organic traffic to your business website. By automating your social media campaigns, you free up more of your time to focus on other business needs.

If you would like us to assist you in creating managing developing social media strategy please contact us for a free consultation 

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