Why is WordPress Website the Best Platform to Use for Your Website?

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WordPress Website Best Platform for Your Website

Last Updated on 18/02/2022 by Arnie

WordPress platform powers over 43.3% of all websites on the internet today. Why is it the best platform for your website?

In the past, WordPress has been considered a blog generator of sorts. Today, WordPress is a full-fledged content management platform where you can create a great website and mobile apps. WordPress is user-friendly and a great way to build a website.

It is easy to use, build and has the flexibility to allow for numerous plug-ins, updates and database clean-ups and can be fully responsive. It is almost as if the website is built for you. WordPress has a vast amount of features at the disposal of anyone who uses the platform and top performing websites today are using it for just that reason.

Sites like Sony Music, MTV News, The Walt Disney Company, Time Magazine to name just a few, are all using the WordPress platform.

WordPress is SEO friendly

WordPress has numerous features and plug-ins to help you with your search engine optimisation right from the start.

As we have previously covered in earlier blog posts, WordPress was originally a blogging platform. This is one of the main reasons WordPress websites can get into Google’s good books. As you know, Google absolutely loves new content. WordPress makes it seamless for businesses to share fresh, regular content on to their website and publish it. Because it’s so easy to share new content, WordPress websites can be updated frequently with new posts. Google’s Algorithm emphasises the importance of new content, so visitors are always getting the most up-to-date information.

If Google loves WordPress it would seem like a no-brainer when it comes to search engine optimisation. WordPress website platform is coded for optimal search engine benefits from the very beginning to give you just what you need for your business efforts. By adding in simple plug-ins, you will be at that top of search engines in no time. SEO Yoast plugin is one great easy to use SEO WordPress Plugin. able to:

By using Yoast on your WordPress website, you will be:

  • – Structure your content correctly
  • – Include keywords on each piece of content so your target audience can find you
  • – Include a meta description, slug and title with your focus keyword/s

The more optimised your content, the more favourably Google will look at it when crawling your site to assess where you should rank on SERPs, search engine result pages.

Design Elements

WordPress website builder has so many templates that you can create your website to stand out from all the rest. With so many templates to choose from you can create your own unique designs and customise per your own desire, and you will not have a website that looks like anyone else.
The need to be mobile ready when creating a website is very important. WordPress platform allows for most of their WordPress website templates that are mobile friendly right from the very beginning of creation.

Growth is Key

When you want a WordPress website but are not a coder by trade, their are thousands and thousands of plug-ins to help you expand your website into what you want it to be and will give you the freedom you desire. The plug-ins will help you create the functionality and design elements that you need to expand your website.
The functions of the numerous plug-ns give you the ability to create online store fronts, appointment management, event management, directory, learning management system (course) even email marketing campaigns. The ease of use of the WordPress platform helps it stand out from the other website builders today.
If you want an power website platform, then the numerous themes and plug-ins available on the WordPress platform will give you what you desire. A WordPress website is flexible, expandable and offers a host of different elements to help you build a powerful business website. One of the most popular e-commerce plugins is WooCommerce transforming your website in a fully fledged online store with hundreds of extensions to boot.

Our Choice of platform to build websites with

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