Learn WordPress A Guide to Understanding WordPress

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Learn WordPress A Guide to Understanding Wordpress

Last Updated on 18/02/2022 by Arnie

Learn WordPress A Guide To Understanding WordPress.

If you want to create your own website or blog, WordPress website is one of the most flexible website hosts. During the early days of WordPress, it did not seem like that WordPress was going to take off like it did. Since WordPress is an open source, many people started to create their own WordPress website, as they could make whatever website design they wanted. If you are looking to have a WordPress website, you should learn WordPress coding, which is HTML code, PHP, CSS and other parts of website development. Before you start to learn WordPress, you should consider where you are in website development knowledge.

How Much Do You Know?

There are many videos and guides that can help your learn WordPress development. However, depending on how much you know, these articles could either offer you no new information or be too complex for you to understand. This is fine since everyone has different computer knowledge and backgrounds. Here are some tips for anyone who wants to learn WordPress.
When you start to learn WordPress and have not worked with coding in the past, your first instinct is to avoid coding as much as you can. This means that you will be at a disadvantage when you compare other WordPress website creators.

Local Development Environment

There is software that you can install which acts like a web server, but it is only available to your computer. Having this software is important when you want to learn WordPress, as you can run and work on WordPress without it being live on the internet. WAMP Server is one of these software’s that enables your local machine to run WordPress. This allows you to test your HTML code, and apply it, so you can learn how the code works. This protects your real WordPress, as the updates are not going live to the real website, and causing the site to break.

The Fundamentals of Coding

If you have never coded before or have not done any coding in a long time, you should take some time to learn the fundamentals of coding. Lynda is one of the best ways to learn HTML and CSS, as you will need to know these coding languages to work on a WordPress website.
You can also use the Chrome Developer tools, or at least the inspector within the tools, to learn how to make changes to a WordPress layout. If you use Firefox as your web browser, you can use Firebug to do the same things.

A WordPress website can be used for more than just to learn WordPress development. Lynda has classes to help you learn both coding and website developing to learn WordPress. Lynda also has many other courses and a free trial if you are not sure what course you are interested in. HTML coding is used by many other websites, and can help when you are having problems with other website builders.

If you are running a business it can take plenty of hours to learn WordPress development instead of managing your business. If you require any assistance on developing a WordPress Website please contact us for a free consultation

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