Top Three Ways to Maintain Your WordPress Website

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Top three ways to maintain your WordPress website

Last Updated on 18/02/2022 by Arnie

Top 3 Ways to Maintain Your WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress website for business, then the importance of maintaining it should be a no-brainer. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the time and apply the effort needed to do just that. Maybe not knowing exactly what to do or how to do it gets in the way, but that does not negate the fact that it needs to be done.
There are a few simple things you can do to maintain WordPress website that will prevent hacking, losing all your data and possible clients. One has to be steadfast in their efforts to make sure you are optimising your search engine results to maintain organic traffic and keep people on your site by giving them solutions to their problems.
Most times when you have a need of maintaining your WordPress website, you feel overwhelmed, and it can be daunting. Do not give up and understand that even beginners can accomplish their website goals with a few tricks to keep it simple.

Back Ups Are Important to Maintain WordPress Website

Backing up your WordPress website is often the most neglected tasks when you are operating a website for any reason under the sun. You have a reason for running a successful website, so please do backups, they are essential for having a great website that will stand the test of time.
There is plug-ins, either free or come with a charge that will automate your backup process. Choose from either the likes of VaultPress or Backup Buddy which are the paid versions of automated backups. The free versions could be the Updraft Plus or BackUp WordPress, but know that they are still viable options for you.

Updates Are Key

Making sure you process any updates while your process to maintain WordPress website is very important to not be hacked and installing key security updates. Make sure you know how to apply them and when updates are available.
WordPress offers constant updates for security concerns and a host of other important updates. When you first sign up for a WordPress website they offer an automated means of updating your website by simply clicking on a checkbox. However always remember to backup your website before you update your WordPress install, plugins and themes, just in case an update breaks your site.

Clean Up Your Database

When your website grows you accumulate tons of information from posts, comments, themes, and plug-ins, so making sure you keep it cleaned up is important. You don’t want your website to be full of cobwebs and garbage, so simply sweeping it up a couple of times a month will help keep it speedy and mess free.
You can automate the database sweep by simple plug-ins like WP-Sweep that will clean it up for you. Don’t let an over accumulation of data be a drawback to your powerful website.
You need to be diligent when you have to maintain WordPress website to keep it fast, clean and up to date. Do not fall prey to hackers and lose all your hard work and make sure you back up everything and continuously update.
If you are way to busy with your business we will be happy to maintain your WordPress Website please have a look further at our WordPress Maintenance Services for more information.

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