Increase Search Engine Traffic of Your Website through Search Engine Optimisation

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increase search engine traffic

Last Updated on 18/02/2022 by Arnie

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing your web traffic by improving the SERP ranking off your website. It is a great way on attracting the online audience that will increase your online presence and authority. There are diverse ways on why someone will attempt to increase their SERP. Perhaps they wanted to gather valid leads, increase their sales conversion and improve the website’s credibility. Here’s how you can optimise your page to increase your organic traffic.

Ethical SEO Technique for Your Webpage

Using the Long Tail Keyword

It would be good to achieve a high ranking when you use a short keyword i.e. smartphone. Unfortunately, sales conversion may not be that efficient compared to using long tail keyword. This is because people who use short keyword on the search engine site have diverse purpose. They may be looking for information regarding smartphone for their school homework o perhaps they only want to know the latest technology. People who utilised long tail keywords such as “Buy Smartphone with Octacore” are ready to spend money and have a more precise goal when using the search engine. When you are creating informative content, be sure to use the proper keyword density or else you can find yourself being banned by the search engine sites and losing the possibility of increasing your organic web traffic.

SEO Your Article

One of the determining factors of your SERP ranking would be the informative content. How do we define an Informative content first? An informative content will not be too short (200-300 word count), the robots will think that you are only posting random stuff. There are at least 3 ingredients found in your article; the description (Meta Description) which appears on the search engine site, the Meta Title and the keyword density. Pay attention to these three ingredients and you will be able to increase your web traffic.

Link Building is an integral part of Search Engine Optimisation which ultimately determines the page ranking and authority of your website. In case you know some credible sources, you may want to ask them to leave link in your site. You should also start targeting pages with high PR and leave a link of your site. This will ultimately increase your PR.

Keyword Tool

One of the first parts of SEO would be to determine the right set of keyword that you will use. You will need Keyword Tool such as Google Adwords to find the best keyword with high amount of search traffic but low competition. You should also use analytics tool to study the behaviour of your audience.

Quality Content

Content does not necessarily mean a written article. Optimise your content such as video, podcast, image, article, eBook and others. Use proper description on your images and tags on your video. Make them engaging. The higher the engagement rate is, the more likely you will have a high SERP and increase your web traffic.
These are just some of the ethical ways on how to improve your web traffic through search engine optimisation.

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